Arnside and Silverdale – The Muddy Puddle

I don’t see any good reason for coming to Arnside. Majority of tourists pass it unknowingly on their way to the Lake District. And there is no wonder.

We come to Arnside from time to time because it is just half an hour drive from Lancaster where we live. You would typically park at the Promenade at the shore of Morecambe bay. The Promenade harbours couple of nice cafes, ice cream shop and a pub. Apart of that, Arnside is residential area for retired people and so it is very quiet place.

Muddy puddles of Morecambe bay

According to Guardian you can buy a house in this village for as much as £800K. I believe you would have to be mad or really nostalgic about this place to buy one. You would get a Chateau for the same price in Trebon and you can enjoy equally as many muddy walks around ponds in Trebon as you want.

Ice cream in Arnside

But back to our trip: After you buy your ice cream, coffee or a pint you would crack on with your walk along the beach. The word beach usually carries different meaning. What you experience walking along the beach from Arnside to Silverdale is not exactly the same as walking the 75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island in Australia.

Tides in Arnside

Morecambe bay comprises of muddy still water beaches with occasional tides that come and go quickly. It is one of a few places where you can see tidal wave as the estuary of river Kent and the Morecambe bay create perfect funnel that pushes the tide water and creates the wave. There is a little video on Wikipedia that shows that.

The vast stretches of mud mixed with sand are exposed when the tide is low giving opportunity to dog walkers and families for a short stroll along the limestone shore throwing and catching sticks of all shapes and sizes. Sturdy walking boots with gaiters or wellies are essential. So grab your walking stick and off you go.

After about three miles we reached Silverdale where we turned inland and that is where the walks started to feel less muddy and, at least for me, more enjoyable. We have walked back to Arnside via the Arnside Knott, which is the hill above Arnside with excellent views of Lake District hills or mountains or fells, however you want to call them. This is where you can sit, rest, eat your sandwiches, have a cup of tea from thermo flask and enjoy the sunset or sound of nature with birds swishing above your head or pine trees resisting the wind.

Towards Lake District from Arnside knott

After the sun departed and we were cold enough from just sitting on the bench, we set off for the descend to the Arnside village only to find all cafes closed. So no coffee and hot chocolate as a reward for our 10 km hike Today. Maybe next time we skip the muddy side of the walk and spend more time on Arnside Promenade with coffee, ice cream and some cakes.

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