Fly fishing in Lancaster, UK

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This was our first fly fishing ever. Jakub and I went to Bank House Fly Fishery and learned a lot about fly fishing from Ben Dobson. What follows is Jakub’s description of our two first Fly Fishing sessions:

Fly Fishing

It all started when i was watching youtube. I came across some fishing videos and it looked really fun. I decided to go fishing with my dad. We went to a fishery and hired an instructor and tried to catch some fish. Me and my dad were taught how to hold a fishing rod and how to cast. Then we started to try and catch any fish from the big lake. We waited for about two hours but we didn’t catch any. We decided to go home. 

When we went back home, I looked at amazon and I found tons of cheap fishing gear. I really wanted to have it, so I decided to put it on my christmas list. In school I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time we go fishing. Eventually the moment came.

Fly Fishing Trout

We went to the fishery again and we got the lines ready. I was using a yellow float and a white fly, and my dad was using a red float and an orange fly. I waited and waited. Suddenly the float went down. I hooked the fish before it could escape. I reeled it in slowly and waited for the head to come out of the water and it did. I couldn’t believe that I had caught a fish for the very first time! Our instructor,ben,put it in the net and put it onto the shore. He bashed it with a wooden bat to kill the fish. When he had finished whacking it I saw that he must have removed one of its eyes by accident. I asked what fish it was, and he said it was a Rainbow Trout. I put it down next to me and tried to catch more. 

I had a few takes but no bites. Then suddenly I saw a fish that tried to eat my float! It was crazy but we decided to call it a day. We weighed it and it said that it was 1 kg. I washed my hands with hot water and soap. We said goodbye to ben and we got back into the car.

Bank House Fly Fishery

When we got back, we decided to have my Rainbow Trout for dinner so we cleaned the fish, cut its head,tail and fins off. Then we cut it in half and took all the insides out. We cleaned it again and put it on a tray. We put some oregano, pepper, lemon juice and butter inside the fish that we were cooking. We put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. We cooked some rice to go with it. We took it out and put it on our plates. We peeled the skin off and ate a tiny piece at a time. This was because there were still a lot of bones in it, even though we already took the spine out. 

I decided I would like to catch fish in every spare time so we decided to go every Saturday from now on.

Close to Lancaster there is a pond and A River Runs Through It. 🙂

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