Gmunden Ceramics – Austria with kids

We have discovered this small ceramics factory by accident on a leaflet in the Gasthof where we stayed the night before. The leaflet said it is perfect place to visit with children. And so we did.

The factory is quite old. As anything in this part of the world. It was first mentioned in 1492 and since then it went through multiple owners and managers, suffered from wars, but survived and is still operational.

5000 pieces of cups and plates is produced and hand painted here every day. It is still kept as 100% Austrian production. Gmunden Ceramics employs 130 people of which 40 are painters. What is however more interesting than the factory and the shop is the café.

In the café you can paint your own cup and/or plate. Once you have your very original art finished they still have to glaze it. So your artwork will be sent to you in about a week. At least in our case it was a week (sent by international mail to the Czech Republic).

Overall it is nice place to visit for hour or two especially if you need to keep your children busy. For us it was nice stop between Schafberg and Lednice.

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