Golf with kids. Better than Minecraft?

Playing golf with kids is relatively new concept for me and I am sure for many people outside the UK.

However, golf is perfectly normal activity for families in England and Scotland in particular.

I first played golf when I was university student. It was in August 1999 when I was working on a farm close to Blairgowrie in Scottish rural area north of Perth.

Working on the farm, picking strawberries, raspberries and current, wasn’t too much fun. So one of the weekends we made trip to St. Andrews. Where else would you go if you want to play golf :).

St. Andrews is obviously the Mecca of golf, but for us it was just close enough so that we could be soon back on the farm bending our backs over the rows of strawberries again.

Fast forward to Today and we take golf as easy to access Sunday family activity. We have been coming to Ashton Golf Centre in Lancaster with kids for over five years now. We even took couple of lessons, which always helps if you are trying new sport.

You can also get a coffee and some snacks at the Golf Centre bar or if you don’t mind waiting 30 min for coffee and cake you can also try nearby Ashton Garden centre.

So this is one of our Sundays. If you are reading this in search of activities for kids in Lancaster (UK) I can only recommend Ashton Golf Centre as perfect half day “off the screen” activity for kids replacing Minecraft, Roblox or similar.

Just be careful not to confuse this with neighbouring Lancaster Golf Club. That is a bit different golf (members only). Ashton Golf Centre was perfectly affordable even when I was still working for the university :).

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