Lancaster on Ice 2019

Lancaster’s Dalton square closed in the middle of November and transformed to small, but nice Ice skating ring. This is relatively new attraction for Lancaster residents and visitors and it gives us something to do with kids before Christmas.

In front of the ice skating ring is large double teepee, where you can sit, buy coffee, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and wait until your session starts. Last year we came bit later in December (closer to Christmas) and we could not get in directly as the ring was very busy. We had to book online and come back the next day. This year we came quite early and so we could get in without the need of booking ahead.

Lancaster on Ice

The price was £30 for an adult and two kids. This includes 45 minute session on ice and skates rent. You can check prices and book sessions here (https://lancasteronice.co.uk/tickets/). If you happen to have your own skates, definitely bring them. The ones provided are very basic and not very sharp so you can easily slide to all directions.

Lancaster on Ice

If you are good skater and expect to get nice skating experience, you might be disappointed. The ice skating ring is full of families with kids and teenagers who are mostly standing on skates for the first time. So make sure you are not too ambitious in terms of speed and quick moves.

One more thing that always strikes me is that nobody wears helmet. It is so easy to fall down. In fact this year, same as last year, we could see at least one person in our session falling down and hitting themselves so hard at the back of their heads that they had to be assisted to get out of the skating ring. And there are many sessions per day.

However, Lancaster on Ice is great activity for kids and families. So make sure you skate as many times around the one hundred years old Queen Victoria statue as you can. Happy skating 🙂

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