London with kids

Going to London with kids you have couple of options. We always end up doing the tour of museums as the museums have the biggest concentration of attractions for the kids.

King’s cross railway station


There are two big railway stations on the north side of the city centre very close to each other. They were built by two railway companies in 19th century. London Euston in 1837 by London and North Western Railway serving the North West and King’s cross in 1852 by Great Northern Railway serving the North East of the country.

King’s cross is features in Harry Potter series as the station in London. The Hogwarts express departs from platform 9&3/4. Today you can find the platform 9&3/4 even without pushing your trolley through the wall.

Science museum


Opened in 1857 the Science museum is supposed to be the main attraction for kids. There are couple of interesting items such as space rocket suspended from the ceiling, replica of Apollo 11 moon landing module and giant ball that changes into different planets. But given the central location and the huge space there could be more. It looks like the curators of the museum did not have anything to show. Some floors are filled with projectors showing short movies or interactive games. That type of activity the kids can do on their tablets without the need to travel to London.

British museum


The museum mostly displays all items stolen by British from the rest of the world. It is interesting even for kids to see the antient artefacts of all continents. The museum is not interactive so kids can get bored quite quickly if you don’t find the section which was subject to their school topic recently and they still hold little bit of interest in it.

Natural history museum


This is a huge museum. You can spend entire day in it. Some sections are interactive (like volcanos and earthquakes) but mostly it is displayed items. The architecture of the building is also interesting by itself (although I am not sure if the architecture gets appreciated by kids too much).

The Shard


Not museum and not free, but worth a visit. You can see the entire London from the roof top terrace. We have booked the last tour of the day and were able to catch some sunset views of the London city centre.


And this is how Vojta sees the trip:

London is in the south of the UK. On the way to London, we got on the train and later on tube. At King’s Cross Railwation we wanted to find platform 9 ¾. After we went to the Harry Potter shop. Then we went to the restaurant and we had pizza Margarita at Pizza Express. Then my brother and I got some ice cream at an ice cream shop. After that, we went to the Science Museum. In the Science Museum, we saw different information about the planets including the Sun and the Moon. We saw Apollo 11 that was the first rocket on the Moon. After that, we saw stuffed mice in the glass box. 

Our next stop was the Shard. we went there by tube. The Shard has 72 floors. We had to go by 2 elevators, which went really fast. From the top, we saw Tower Bridge and other buildings. After that, we went to the Premiere inn hotel and there I had a fight with my brother. 

Then we went to the British Museum. The first section was the Egyptian section. We saw a huge wooden bird. In Roman Britain section, we saw a helmet and statue of Hadrian and a mosaic of the map. But my brother said that It is just a mosaic. After that, we went to the Africa section, which was the smallest section in the museum. 

Then we went to the Natural history museum and inside we saw a huge egg and we went inside this egg. We also went on an earthquake simulator and we saw Mary Anning’s ichthyosaur. We also saw the bones of a whale. 

After a while, we went to Hyde Park and we bought some ice cream. Finally, we got in the tube and I was looking where we were going next. 

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bye, Vojta    

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