Malham – Yorkshire Dales with kids

Malham cove is popular destination for school trips as it offers easy access to beautiful rock formation and shallow, but wide water stream. All roads are paved or easy to walk on with the exception of the top of the rock path, where the rock is cracked in many places and one has to watch his feet. But even there it is safe for children unless they decide to explore the edges of the rock.

The Malham cove used to be giant waterfall when the upper part was still covered by melting glacier in the ice age. Today the water stream flows under the rocks and springs at the bottom of the cove. It is interesting to see such a huge amount of water coming out of the rock at one point. This is great place for little picknick and watching climbers struggling with the wall above the stream. The area is quite popular with climbers. It has also been chosen as location for couple of scenes from various films including Harry Potter.

The parking tickets in Malham paid parking start at 2hours (£2.50), which was just about enough to explore the area with some short stops. There is also couple of pubs in the village. So if you plan to explore those as well, plan for more time.

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