Nassfeld, Austria Ski Holidays

Our first ski holidays in Nassfeld, South Austria. Learning how to ski in one day 🙂

Nassfeld is one of Austria’s top ski resorts with its stunning mountain panoramas. The proximity of Italy makes it a great location for food lovers. Good exercise and good diet in one place.

The weather is usually fine and snow is guaranteed (as in many other resorts in Austria).

The gateway to the area is lower cable car station in Tropolach, which in rush hours presents a bit of bottleneck, but once all the crowds are up in the mountains the cabins are usually empty as the piste directly leading to the station does not have the greatest snow cover.


Lookout from the highest point in the area towards Italy.

Ski profile

The ski pass will trace all your rides and you can get nice printout of vertical profile of your whereabouts.

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