Lancaster International (2019)

Short film documentary about lives of foreigners in a small English city just before Brexit.

Lancaster used to be Roman fort once. In 18th century Lancaster traded over 29 000 African slaves to America. In 19th century it was the Linoleum exported to many countries around the world and from 20th century onwards it is the University that makes Lancaster international place with over 120 nationalities living in this small city in the North West England.

Many foreigners, who come here, did not have Lancaster in mind as their original destination. So what brought them here? What was the most challenging aspect of their life in the beginning when they came? And what is going to happen to international community this year, when Brexit is finally here? These are some of the questions asked in this new short film documentary “Lancaster International”.

Lancaster International is about everyday lives of ordinary people. But are they really ordinary? They were not afraid to change jobs, country, leave their families behind, adopt new language and embrace new culture. They now live in a country that wants to end free movement and because they are not citizens and cannot vote, they can’t do anything about it.

Lancaster International captures the time at the moment before Brexit. So that some years from now, people will look back and see how colourful and international Lancaster used to be.


26/1 - Lancaster

Premiere of Lancaster International was on 26th January 2019 in The Storey, Lancaster. 110 tickets were booked within couple of hours.

16/2 - Lancaster

Second screening of Lancaster International was in local cinema, The Dukes. The event was attended by 165 people.

24/2 - Kutná Hora

Czech premiere of Lancaster International in small town on Kutna Hora, Dum Dacickeho.

21/3 - Preston

The screening is part of Diversity and Inclusion Festival at the University of Central Lancashire, Mitchell and Kenyon Cinema. Admission free:

19/5 - London

The screening is organised by British Czech and Slovak Association.  The screening venue is at the Czech & Slovak House (74 west End Lane, West Hampstead). Admission free:


Lancaster International is available on Amazon. Free to watch for Amazon Prime users.