Tenerife with kids

The Canary Islands are ideal for winter holidays as a perfect hideaway from European freezing temperatures or in our case British all year round wet, rainy and damp weather.

Tenerife is probably the first choice for everybody when it comes to Canary Island holidays. Kids can explore white or black sand beaches, throw volcanic rocks on boring walks with parents or spend the entire day in Siam Park. The Siam Park is prefered choice of most of the children by any means :).


This is how Jakub (10) looks back at our holidays:

One day, in an attempt to avoid the dreadful UK weather,  we went on a holiday to Tenerife. My brother, mum, dad and I would go as a family and spend our time on the biggest Canary island. We drove to the airport and boarded our plane. On the plane, my brother was mumbling about what we are going to do in Tenerife. Except, some of it was just him saying things that were not going to happen. Like for example the volcano that we are going to see is going to erupt, which is just silly, because the volcano was dormant. That means it has not erupted for a very, very, very, VERY long time!. He also sang some unbelievably annoying songs like “Twinkle twinkle little star”. After a few more hours, we landed.

We hired a car at the airport and went to our hotel, which was in Puerto Del Santiago, which was originally just a port. It is also a good place to go fishing. We had a pool with mosaics of dolphins and turtles on the floor of the pool. We then went to the beach. But the weird thing was, the sand was black! The sand was black because it is actually volcano ash! We kind of got hungry after visiting the beach so we went to an outdoor restaurant where I had a whole shrimp and rice. I didn’t eat the eyes or the legs because that would be just gross and also because there is hardly any meat in the eyes and legs. Then we went back to the beach and swam until it was time to go back to the hotel. 

The next day we went to Loro parque, which is a large ZOO. We watched the orca show, in which the orcas nodded their heads if they wanted some fish or not, and made other smart tricks. We then went to see some sea life including jellyfish, atlantic fish and penguins. 

Not far off is Abama Beach. Unlike the other beach, there was normal sand. We put our swimming shorts on and went swimming. Some people lost a ball that they were playing with so a scuba diver had to go and get it! Later, we had a snack which was just a sandwich. On the way back, my brother said something about that he wanted one of the bananas that were growing on some trees on the path we were walking on. I’m not really sure why. Bananas came from places like India and Tenerife and are shipped out to countries all around the world. Anyway, then we walked on a path and we saw plants and birds on the way. 

Our next stop was Paque National Del Teide. The thing that surprised me was how many rocks were there! We saw a rock climber climbing a MASSIVE rock! We went along a rocky path that took us around volcanoes and we saw loads of volcano rocks. I was there, when i found a volcanic rock with the bubbles still inside! Another rock that i found is used to scrape off old skin! Then, we had a snack and my brother said on camera what we were going to do next. We would keep going along the path until we got too tired and if we got to that point then we would go back along the path back to our rented car.

Our next stop was called La Orotava. It is one of the oldest towns in Tenerife. We looked around and saw houses of all shapes and sizes. Then we went to a restaurant and had cake and water. After that, we went back to our hotel and watched a film before we went to sleep. 

The next day we went to a place called San Christobal De La Laguna. We saw models of baby Jesus and my brother said what they were. The next thing that we did was walking across the street and stopping at a patisserie shop and looking at the sweet cakes and biscuits because mum wanted to look at them. Then we went to a park and saw signs telling us all about the wildlife and plants all around us. After we were about halfway through the trek, my brother used my dad’s camera and photographed some hills and valleys. 

Our next stop was Playa De Las Teresitas. It is a beach from where you could see ships on the horizon. The water was FREEZING! It took me about 20 minutes to even start swimming! Anyway, my brother didn’t have his swimming trunks so he went without them anyway. 

The next day we went to Siam Park. First we went to the wave pool, in which we had to wait because the waves had not started yet. When it eventually did start, we couldn’t believe how big the waves were! They were the size of houses! Then my brother went to the kids area, in which he got splashed by a HUGE bucket of water that filled up and tipped over everyone that was under it! He started crying, so we let him dry off. The next place that we went to was where you had to ride a float and go round a huge circle and let it drift you down the river-like flow. After that, my brother explained what he bought. We even saw some seals in their own little pool! 

The next day, we began our journey to Masca. We stopped at a cafe that was way up high in the mountains. We had ice cream and hot chocolate. Then my brother took yet more photos of the mountains and hills and most of the countryside. And last but not least, the final stop was Puenta De Teno. Where we just looked in the gift shop and the sea. The next day we went to the airport and took the plane that took us back home. 

Tenerife is a great place to have a holiday and I would definitely recommend it to people of all ages. Especially to people with kids because there tons of activities that your kids would like to do. If it’s just a trip to the beach or going to a waterpark, there is never nothing to do!

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