Trebon – Eat fish and Enjoy culture with kids

Trebon is small town in south bohemia (Czech Republic) famous for its many ponds and artificial water channels connecting the ponds together. Recreation and fresh water fish production bring many tourists every year. These are mainly local Czech people, so if you want the see real Czech Republic (not just Prague) head south to this beautiful small town.

In summer there are many cultural events such as outdoor cinema and theatre performances. Therefore it made perfect destination for our “3 generation” travel group (kids, parent and grandparent).

We only stopped for one day on our way to Austria since Trebon is located conveniently close to the Austrian border. But even so, our schedule for this day was packed with places to visit, fish to eat and theatre to see.

We have thoroughly enjoyed walks along the Svet pond to neogothic tomb of Schwarzenbergs, performance of Collegium Armatum and fish-chips at restaurant Supina. Not to be confused with fish&chips :).

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