Trip to France

Father and son trip to France. Great escape from daily life in the UK. Written by the son, approved by the father 🙂

My dad and I would go on a trip from Lancaster to Paris. It all started off with me and my dad getting into the car and starting our journey across some of England and France. Our first stop was Ashford, in Kent. When we got there, we found our hotel, which was called Cornerstone bed & breakfast. Our room had 2 beds and even a tv above the beds! After we unpacked, we went to have a look at a tank which had been used in a war. After looking at the tank, we went to a restaurant and had our lunch. My dad and I had pizza. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel. I was mostly watching cricket because nothing else was on the tv.

The next day we drove all the way to Dover. We had to wait a LONG time because they had to get everything ready on the ferry. I spent most of my time spinning my fidget spinner because I had nothing else to do. The ride to Calais took about 2 hours.

Our next stop was a restaurant which had fish and chips. We sat outside near a river and ate our fish’n chips. Then we carried on our journey.

We arrived at Omaha Beach, Normandy in the evening. We set up our tent on a green patch of grass on top of the cliff near the beach. Then we went on to the beach. A tractor was pulling a boat out of the sea! I took my shoes off and stood in the freezing sea water. It felt as if I was a block of ice!.

The next day we went to the Pointe du hoc. I even hid inside a crater that a bomb created in the war! Then we went inside a bunker that soldiers used to hide in the war. We looked in the places where they would put their guns to keep them steady while they fired from the camouflaged bunker. It was so damp and dirty that we had to look every time we walked to see if there was a puddle! 

Later we arrived at Mont Saint Michel, Normandy. We had some water, we went on a bus that took us to the castle. We looked at the shops and the buildings. I saw a snow globe that had the castle in it but I didn’t buy it. We also went on one of the walls and looked at the sea. You might be thinking “Didn’t he at least take a souvenir home with him?” And the answer to that question is: yes I did. I bought a dragon necklace with a knife as a tail but my dad did take the knife out though because he said I could hurt myself with it. 

The next stop we came to was Les machines De L’ile, in Nantes, Normandy. It is located on the banks of the Loire river. Everything was a type of robot or machine. First, we looked at a place where they made some machines and robots. Then we saw some people controlling a robotic spider! The next thing that we saw was crazy! Robotic plants! They had metal jaws and there was even a plant with metal tubes! Then we found a HUGE robotic elephant! It even sprayed water at passers-by! And you could even ride it! So we decided that we were going to go on it. We watched people getting sprayed as we were on top of this robotic elephant.

Much further south was our next destination. Dune Du Pilat, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It was made from sand blown by the wind from the seaward side. We set up the tent and put all our bags and sleeping bags inside the tent. Then we had to climb up this GINORMOUS sand dune! After we got down the other side, I stepped into the cold sea water. After splashing around in the waves for a while, it was getting dark. So we went back to our tent and slept.

The next day we went to the city of Arcachon, where I bought some new sunglasses. Then we went to get some ice cream. After that, we went to the sidewalk where we had a little walk across it and back. Our next stop was the market. We saw people, who were selling fish, oysters, fruit, and vegetables. We went back to camp and went back across the dunes and to the sea. Later we had chicken nuggets with fries and for dessert, and I had a huge ice cream. Then we went back again and I swam around for a bit. Later I climbed up to the top of the sand dune and slid all the way down like a turtle. Later, we went to a pool and I jumped right in! We went back again and I played outside for a bit. I read some of Harry Potter. 

Our last and most fabulous stop was Paris. Then we went to a cafe to get breakfast, which was croissants. We were in Paris. Then we walked up and down the street scaring pigeons. Later we went to a cafe to get some water. After me trying to answer: what hill are we on? Which my dad asked about a million times (Montmartre), we went to a restaurant to have tea, which was the same food: fish and chips. Then we saw a mill that belonged to the Moulin Rouge dance hall. The next day we had croissants and water for breakfast. After, we took the metro that took us to the Eiffel tower. We had to wait about an hour for us to even get IN the eiffel tower! Later we took an elevator that took us up into the Eiffel tower. There was even a see-through floor, so you could look at the people below (which were like the size of ants). Later, we went to Dominoes and ordered some pizza. We ate all of it in the park. I took dad’s empty cola can and tried to knock it off the bench! It began to rain so we hid in an art museum (Musée de l’Orangerie). Later we went to the toy shop where we looked at some toys and costumes. After that, we had yet more ice cream and water. We went to a tower and looked at all of Paris. We had to wake up at 5am in the morning so that we wouldn’t miss the ferry. Later, we went home.

I would definitely recommend this journey to everyone. It is a good place to go on a holiday and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful countries and cities. It is always a pleasure to go to France with your brothers, sisters and other siblings in your family. Hope you enjoyed this text and the video.

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