West Highland Way

The most beautiful section of West Highland Way in Scotland is from Bridge of Orchy to Glencoe. It can be done in one day even with small kids. It is 16km long stretch of easy to walk road. You might meet couple of cyclists, runners, but definitely a lot of walkers of the way. Most of them will walk the road from the south to the north as we did.

I got most of the info about West Highland Way from the official website (westhighlandway.org).

You can come to Bridge of Orchy by train, bus or by car. We left our car at the railway station parking. There is another parking (larger one) next to the Bridge of Orchy hotel, but the overnight parking is not allowed there.

If you do walk this section as one day round trip, you will want to check the bus timetables. There is city link bus stopping at the Glencoe Ski Centre Road End taking you back to Bridge of Orchy and it goes approximately every hour on week days.

So you start in this tiny village of Bridge of Orchy, cross the bridge and you are immediately in the wild (if you can ignore the crowds of other people who do the same thing as you).

There is couple of spots on this route, where you can pitch you tent and plenty of water. They recommend to take water filter, which we did, but did not use it as the walk was quite short and we had plenty of water with us.

We have walked this section at the end of May and it was already the Midges season, so be prepared. The Smidge repellent, which we had, kind of worked but not 100%. So you might consider trying some alternative.

Another recommendation at the end. Next time I would plan better and book accommodation at King’s house hotel and do this as two days trip instead of one. The last stretch of the route via Devil’s stairs to Fort William should be equally beautiful. I am sure kids would love it too and I would get another dose of “Are we there yet?” questions.

If you are interested in more details about the entire West Highland Way you might want to check out this article by Anna from caminoadventures.com who walks longs distances and writes long articles 🙂

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